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The Education of a Cab Driver Cover Design

The first mockup was very complex. I took an alley, cityscape, rearview mirror, and added a yellow cab. At the bottom, I blurred lights, like headlights coming at you. The font was broken. Because the topic of death plays such a big role in the book, I was trying to convey a sense of foreboding and mystery. The graffiti on the wall gives a sense of your out of your element. So much of cab driving is not knowing (very different for driving for Lyft or Uber); whom you're picking up, where you're taking them if you'll get paid or robbed. Or the unthinkable -- death. The cityscape on top gives the sense of vastness.

This missed the mark as most people thought it conveyed a horror story -- not what I was going for. 

Enter the final cover. Closeup of the street and blurred lights and city, soften the message, but still gave the sense of mystery I was trying to convey. I also made my name in a handwritten font giving it a sense of being personal. I like this so much, I carried crossed my other covers.


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